The rise of Emotional Fire

Emotional Fire is the brainchild of Ron and Nina Dahlgren, owners of Sweden's biggest rock webzine, Rocknytt with over 100000 unique monthly visitors. They are also responsible for the successful AOR project Gathering of Kings, that has built themself a really good reputation, incredible reviews and many die hard followers worldwide.
For years, Nina and Ron have had a dream about putting together an all female band (The music business is in need of that. Rock music needs women!), aiming for the Melodic Rock / AOR scene. To finalize the brain trust behind this project they brought in their friend Johannes Lindstrom who's been working in the rock music business since 1996 and between 2001-2022 worked full time and being a co-owner at the mighty Sweden Rock Festival.

To keep a long story short and not as boring as they often are, together they scanned the market and came up with some very interesting names. Only the best was good enough. Only the ones with a passion for this idea were chosen.

So, here we are, with five fantastic and talented musicians who jumped on this rock 'n' roll freight train, all fired up. Therés Enström (Lead Vocals), Mia Moilanen (Guitars & Vocals), Linnea Waljestål (Drums & Vocals), Annika Argerich (Keyboards) and Ellinor Asp (Bass & Vocals). Together, we have now started the journey to the stars, or at least the tree tops.

So far, not a single track has been released, but four singles will be out during the spring of 2023 and then a full length album to be revealed in the second half  of 2023. A few gigs are planned, the first one at Rocknytt Cruise on the mighty ship Viking Cinderella between Stockholm and Mariehamn April 21-22 and all we can say is that we are looking forward to this, as we believe this can go all the way.

We really hope you will join us on this journey. We believe in this and we need all of you! In the name of rock 'n' roll!